• Projets terminés :

    Take Me To The Moon [Twfilm]


    Bromance [Twdrama]

    Strawberry Surprise [Indofilm]

    Avant que le café ne refroidisse/Café Funiculi Funicula / Before The Coffee Gets Cold [JFilm]


    Celle qui aimait les mensonges/The Lies She Loved [JFilm]

    Happy End pour Cyrano (My Long Awaited Love Story)[JFilm)

    Fall In Love At Firts Kiss [TWFilm]

    Be With You [KFilm]

    Apa Ada Dengan Cinta ? 2[IndoFilm]

    Apa Ada Dengan Cinta ? 1 [IndoFilm]

    House Of The Rising Sons [HKFilm]

    The Golden Job [HKFilm]

    Karei Naru Ichizoku [Jdrama]

    MSS : Special Task Force [Kdrama]

    I Remember You [kdrama-SP]

    H.I.T Homicide Investigation Team [Kdrama]

    Our Times [Twfilm]

    Koori no Sekai / Ice World [Jdrama] [KGF & A-S]

    Go Go 70's [Kfilm]

    The Aggressives [Kfilm]

    Identical Criminals [Kfilm]

    Dangerous Liaisons [C-film]

    Basuke mo Koi mo Shiteitai [Jdrama]

    Sukitte Li Na Yo - Say i Love You [Jfilm]

    That Man Is There SP [Kfilm]

    My wedding Campaign [Kfilm]

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 1 & 2 [Film HK]

    Noble My Love [KGF& Eerylin] [Web drama K]

    Ghost, In Your Arms Again [Jfilm]

    Stained Glass 01-13 sortis [Kdrama]

    Father's House (co-prod Fan Yusuke Fansub)

    Summer Scent [Kdrama]

    Snow In August [Kdrama]

    Vampire Host [Jdrama]

    Heaven's tree [Kdrama]

    Love me Not [Kfilm]

    Roméo et Juliette [Jfilm]

    Bi Chun Moo [Kdrama]

    Mary Stayed Out All Night [K-drama] Licencié !

    Lovers [Kdrama]

    Temptation Of An Angel [Kdrama] (co-prod Ajia Team)

    City Hunter [K-drama] (co-prod FullDramaStyle) Licencié !

    A Million Stars Fall From The Sky [Jdrama]

    Oishii Puropozu [Jdrama]

    Ghost Train [Jfilm]

    Shindo [Jfilm]

    Watashitachi No Kyokasho [Jdrama] 

    Mou Hitotsu No Sugar And Spice [Jdrama] 

    La Légende De Hyang Dan SP [coréen]


    • Projets indépendants

    Bad Guy [K-drama] (Mitsou & Yamapie)

    Black & White [TW-drama] (JesSie)

    That Loves Come [TW-drama] (JesSie)


    • Projets InterTeams

    Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung [Kdrama]

    Resurrection [Kdrama]

    Fall In Love [Cdrama]

    The Empress [Kdrama]

    Fuyu no Sakura [Jdrama]

    Slow Dance [Jdrama]

    Endless Love [TWdrama]

    The Fierce Wife [TWmovie]

    The Concubine [Kmovie]

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